Kukri Knives


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The kukri knife is based on a historical Nepalese knife style that was used as both a weapon and a tool, made famous as the weapon of choice used by the Nepalese Army and the Gurkha regiments throughout the world. This traditional weapon is now available in a variety of styles here. We offer a range of kukri knives that includes both decorative and functional pieces, kukri knives for ceremony, kukri knives for combat, and kukri knives for survival use. Our ornate kukri make fantastic display pieces or ritual tools, and our tactical kukri are ideal for hunting, wilderness survival, or use in self-defense or combat. Many of our kukri knives are also great for everyday utility use. Great for slashing, chopping, and piercing, this multipurpose weapon is a must-have for collectors and makes an interesting addition to any arsenal.

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