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We now carry a full line of flintlock pistols, percussion pistols, and blunderbuss pistols. These flintlock guns are safe and are non-firing. Our flintlock handguns, percussion pistols, and blunderbuss firearms are great for stage props, theaters, or collectible pieces.

Flintlock is a general term for any firearm based on the flintlock mechanism. Introduced in the early 16th century, the flintlock rapidly replaced earlier firearm-ignition technologies, such as the matchlock and wheellock mechanisms. It continued to be in common use for over two centuries, replaced by percussion cap and, later, cartridge-based systems in the early-to-mid-19th century.

The Model 1840 U.S. musket was the last flintlock firearm produced for the U.S. military, although there is evidence of obsolete flintlock pistols and of other types seeing action in the earliest days of the American Civil War.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Powerful Is a Flintlock Pistol?

The flintlock pistol was a gun used for self-defense or as a military weapon. In the hands of an excellent marksman, this pistol can hit a target that is 50 yards away. At worst, the pistol can shoot a target about 10 to 20 feet away. A single-shot gun, the flintlock pistol was a supplementary weapon to a sword or cutlass.

Is a Flintlock Considered a Firearm?

Yes, it is. The first true flintlock was introduced in 1630, but the ignition mechanism is said to have been developed in the early 16th century. Until the mid-19th century, flintlock pistols (with a barrel length ranging from 6 to 12 inches) were commonly used for self-defence and armed conflict.

Medieval Collectibles pistols, flintlock, percussion cap, and blunderbuss are all non-firing. They are safe to use for LARP events, re-enactments, or Renaissance fairs. Our products are made with a high level of craftsmanship and detail so they look as close to the real thing as possible.

How Long Does It Take to Reload a Flintlock Pistol?

It can take at least 15 seconds to reload this type of pistol, even in the hands of an expert. To use a flintlock pistol, one would need to half-cock the hammer then load the barrel with black powder. The user must wrap the bullet in a small piece of cloth before loading it on top of the black powder.

Next is to add a small amount of black powder in the flintlock’s pan. Finally, adjust the frizzen in place over the pan, cock the hammer fully, and pull the trigger. The whole process can take several seconds to a minute, depending on the user’s proficiency with using this type of pistol.

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