Kids Quartered Medieval Tabard



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Are you looking to dress your child in some heraldic colors? Make sure that you check out the Kids Quartered Medieval Tabard. Made from a medium-weight cotton, this childrens tabard comes in four sizes. Next, the tabard features a quartered look. The front and back have four sections of color with opposite corners being the same color. The first color is the color of the upper left quarter as shown in the picture, not the wearers left. The second color is the color of the upper right quarter as shown in the picture, not the wearers right. There is a wide range of color options available.

The tabard has a rounded neckline. From the shoulders down, the tabard is open at the sides. It ends past the waist. The rectangular tabard works well with a belt wrapped around it. Belts do not come included. This open design is ideal for layering with other pieces to create a specific look. Your child can wear the Kids Quartered Medieval Tabard to a historical reenactment, Ren faire, or LARP event.

Key Features:

  • Comes in a wide range of color options
  • Available in four sizes
  • Features open sides
  • Has a quartered design
  • Great for layering


  • Made from a medium-weight cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash cold using a short spin cycle and gentle washing detergent.

This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest Waist Shoulder Width
Small 27 inches 24 inches 13 inches
Medium 29 inches 26 inches 14 inches
Large 31 inches 28 inches 15 inches
X-Large 33 inches 30 inches 16 inches


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