Leather Wrist Cuffs


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How many uses are there for leather wrist cuffs? Assuming that we are speaking technically, the answer is: one. But wait! Its a trick-question, because the answer is both one and several. You see, the only real use for a leather wrist cuff is to wear it. But because our leather wrist cuffs are so simple and elegant, they can be worn with dozens of different themes, enabling an item that features only one technical use to be used in dozens of new and exciting ways! Virtually all of our leather wrist cuffs are great accessories for any fair-goer; they are small, unobtrusive, and a fantastic way to add subtle touches of personal style to your attire. And did we mention that they are all hand-crafted and top-quality? Coming in a massive variety of different colors and featuring things like dragons, Celtic designs, pirate emblems, and other medieval themed symbols, our leather wrist cuffs are great accessories no matter where you are going.

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