Studded Triskele Celtic Leather Cuff

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Whether you are a druid or a fierce Celtic warrior, the Studded Triskele Celtic Leather Cuff is sure to bring some style to your outfit. Made from thick vegetable-tanned leather, this brown cuff attaches to a wrist with leather lacing on the back. The cuff has a dimpled texture. Smooth bands line the edges. Brass studs adorn the bands. In the center of the cuff, there is an antique brass triskele accent. The triskele has teardrop-shaped ends. Silver-colored studs adorn the triskele. On the inside, the cuff has suede leather lining for additional comfort. This leather cuff adds a unique flair to any Celtic costume. Wear it to a cosplay event, reenactment, or in a stage production.

Key Features:

  • Has a dimpled texture
  • Secures with lacing
  • Features a spiraled triskele accent
  • Great personal accessory
  • Wonderful addition to a Celtic costume


  • Made from leather with antiqued brass accents
  • Lining is suede leather


  • Length: 7.8 Inches
  • Width: 3.9 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

1 review for Studded Triskele Celtic Leather Cuff

  1. aakuehn1 (verified owner)

    These cuffs are attractive & durably made. However, that’s where I run out of good things to say about them. I purchased two (one for each wrist) & wore them for, at least, 8 hours a day for over a week and a half to break them in. They never once felt comfortable to wear. The suede leather lining on the inside was either doing its job very well or is completely unnecessary because that isn’t where the pain was felt. The discomfort came from the ends of the cuff. As you can see in the pictures, the leather is cut in nice, straight 90-degree angles. No beveled or rounded edges anywhere. That seems like the obvious way to construct these cuffs–until you try to wear them. The inside edges of the cuffs are what cut into your wrist at one end & your forearm at the other. At the end of the cuff, the leather measures a quarter of an inch thick including the studded trim around each end. Leather this thick is not going to wear down or “break-in” any time soon unless you do it yourself with a tool of some sort. I even tried loosening the laces a bit, but that provided no relief. It actually made it worse because, then, the cuff would not remain in one place on your wrist & would move around with the edges hitting you in different spots. To give myself a break, I would wear long sleeved shirts & wear these cuffs over the shirt sleeves. The laces were not laced in the same way as what was shown in the pictures. Once I figured out what they were doing, it was fine. But, I thought that was kind of strange. The triskeles were obviously painted to look like antique brass because some of the edges on both of mine didn’t get the same coverage as the rest of the triskele. What didn’t get painted shows a dull, pale gray metal underneath. Probably isn’t even metal. I’m convinced the other styles of Deepeeka’s Leather Cuffs that have the Ravens, Boars, or Serpents on them instead of the triskeles would have this same issue. I would neither purchase these again nor would I recommend them to anyone. I feel like I wasted my money while enduring a painfully irritating hassle.

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