Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Gift Guide

Shop our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for unique medieval gifts! Find the perfect Celtic jewelry, medieval clothing, and fantasy decor to delight them this Valentine’s day and throughout the year. Above all, you’re looking for a gift that not only speaks to your love but to their favorite things. At Medieval Collectibles, we have gifts that are different than your typical Valentine’s Day fare. Get them what they really love with jewelry, clothing, home decor, and even swords that they’ll cherish for years to come.

Medieval and Celtic Jewelry Valentine’s Day Gifts

Firstly and most obviously, shop jewelry for Valentine’s Day. Accent your love with the timeless elegance of Celtic knotwork jewelry. Or venture to the dark side of romance with gothic jewelry that beautifully combines decadent hearts with black roses.  Fantasy and medieval jewelry are gifts to treasure now and throughout the rest of the year. Sterling silver hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond! Your love is something special. Therefore, you’ll want to choose a jewelry option that’s unlike what you’ll typically find elsewhere. Jewelry that’s in the theme of something they love will really show them you’ve paid attention. 

Romantic Medieval Clothing

Love is an adventure, and what better way to celebrate that than with new options for your medieval and fantasy adventuring outfits! For Valentine’s Day, give your medieval and fantasy wardrobes a touch of romance with options in beautiful shades of burgundy and red. While you might not be dressing in medieval clothing on Valentine’s Day, they’ll be sure to be reminded of your love at your next Renaissance faire, LARP event, or other costuming occasion.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Gothic Clothing, Corsets & More

Next, make a statement with gothic romance. Shop gorgeous corsets, dresses, vests, and more for creating a look that screams dark and elegant. Of course you can shop ahead to plan an outfit for Valentine’s Day, or you can surprise them with a new piece for their gothic wardrobe. All things considered, if their tastes fall under gothic styles, you’ll want to gift them something that speaks to that part of their soul.

Sword Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a sword! As a matter of fact, our medieval weapons make unforgettable gifts for sword lovers and those fond of all things medieval. Really impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day by gifting them a high quality, battle ready sword or a stunning decorative weapon to hang on their wall. Likewise, our medieval daggers make the perfect gifts for any medieval enthusiasts, as they fit in just about any space. In the event that your sweetheart has no interest in hearts and flowers, collectible swords make a great alternative. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is full of all kinds of options for sword collectors.

Valentine’s Day Medieval Decor

Set the mood with medieval and fantasy Valentine’s decor that will add beauty and romance to any time of year. From destined dragons to steampunk-powered hearts, you’ll find all kinds of romantic decor options that not only speak to love but to their love of fantasy. These Valentine’s Day gifts are something you can cherish year round as reminders of your love whenever you see them in your space.

Lastly, if you’re still not sure what to gift your favorite medieval and fantasy fan for Valentine’s Day, our gift cards give them the gift of choice! You already know they’ll love something from Medieval Collectibles, so let them pick out their own perfect gift. Choose from different price points for any budget!

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