Wearing Wool with Medieval Fall Outfits

Wearing Wool with Medieval Fall Outfits

Ever wonder what medieval people wore during the colder months? While the styles and designs varied from place to place, the textiles were consistent amongst the lower and middle classes. Easily the most popular textile during the medieval period was wool. Regardless of class, a medieval person wore some form of wool for their clothing during the colder months. This post explores a bit about the medieval use of wool as well as how you can be wearing wool with your fall outfits.

Why did medieval people wear wool?

Medieval people wore wool for a few different reasons. Two of the main reasons were how plentiful it could be and how warm it kept people. Wool was easy to produce, especially on land that could be used for raising sheep but not food or other crops. In the medieval world, there were few textiles that could keep someone warm. Wool is one of the best natural fibers for this task. It is resistant to water absorption and heat transfer. This means that it repels rain for longer and keeps in heat. Together, these properties make wool ideal for wearing out in cool and damp conditions. It also has lower flammability than some other fibers, making it safer to wear near campfires.

Who wore wool and where was it made?

Wool was a large part of England’s medieval economy. It would trade across the European continent, including into late medieval and Renaissance-era Florence. The wool trade in Florence at its height included 30,000 workers. Most if not everyone, especially the lower classes, wore wool. The main alternative to wool, fur, was sometimes restricted to the upper classes due to sumptuary laws. The lower classes would be more likely wearing coarse and undyed wool. Meanwhile, the higher classes would wear finely woven wool and more colorful designs.

What role does wool play in my medieval fall outfits?

Wool is a great material to work into your medieval fall outfits. You can layer it nicely with some of your summer pieces to extend the use of those items as well. Layering is a great way to deal with changing weather and temperatures in the fall. For a men’s outfit, for example, you could wear your summer cotton shirt as a base layer. Then over the top, you could wear a woolen tunic. For pants, you could choose to wear wool pants or wear wool leg wraps over the top of your cotton pants, depending on the weather and temperatures. Also, you can wear a wool cloak or cape over the top.

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For a women’s outfit, you could wear a woolen dress with a cotton chemise. Another option is wearing a woolen overdress on top of a cotton dress. Just like with the men’s outfit, you could wear a woolen cape as well. Again, layering with wool allows you to wear your summer clothes for longer and keep yourself warm as the weather gets cooler.

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Regardless of how you choose to wear wool, wool was an important part of the medieval person’s wardrobe. It was the most common choice of fiber when it came to keeping them warm during cold weather. Here, we took a quick glimpse at the medieval history and how to be wearing wool with your fall outfits.

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