Wooden LARP Scythian Horsebow


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Replacement String for Wooden LARP Scythian Horsebow

An archer knows that it is good to have a spare string for their bow, because you never know when something might happen. This Replacement String for Wooden LARP Scythian Horsebow makes it easy to replace your string, no matter what.

This LARP bow echoes the shape of the weapon favored by the Scythian warrior, the bow. For a nomadic people who lived life on the horse, the bow was a powerful weapon. And in the hands of a skilled archer, so too is this Wooden LARP Scythian Horsebow. This bow features the shape of a typical horsebow, possessing a bit more of a pronounced curve on the bows limbs that is typical, as the shape, in most horsebows, allows for a more powerful shot. In this bow, it simulates shape and form, creating the weapon of a true horseback archer. The weapon is crafted from fiberglass, giving it a level of strength and durability, while possessing a distinctive Woodgrain finish, which ensures that the bow retains a realistic look that fits nicely into even the most stringent of medieval themes. It is crafted to be safe for use in LARP battles, possessing a draw weight of approximately 24-26 lbs. at a 28 inch draw length. The bow also has a nice leather hand grip, which ensures that even when firing, the bow remains fairly comfortable to hold. It measures approximately 55 inches tall and is perfectly suited for use by both left-handed and right-handed archers. The string is made from Dacron B50, which is a synthetic string that provides a measure of reliability when it comes to firing arrows from your bow. Speaking of arrows, this bow is perfect for shooting a wide variety of them, ranging from typical practice and field arrows to the more suitable LARP arrows and IDV arrows that are safe for LARP use. The bow comes complete with a string and a bow bag, which is perfect for storing your bow, as well as great for transporting and moving your bow, too. The size and low draw weight make this the ideal bow to use in a LARP battle, as well as a great youth bow, for those young archers who have yet to graduate to a more powerful wooden longbow or horsebow. You can harness the ancient power of the Scythians, who were famous for their archers, when you take up this bow, and once your opponents are peppered with arrows, they will learn to fear the Wooden LARP Scythian Horsebow when it is in skilled hands.

Key Features:

  • Has a Great, Woodgrain Finish
  • Includes a String and a Bow Bag
  • Comfortable Handle for Righties and Lefties
  • Great for IDV And Other LARP Arrows
  • Has a 24-26 lb. Draw Weight at a Draw Length of 28 inches

Care Instructions:

  • Do not store the bow with the bow strung. This can weaken the bow over time. The bow is best kept unstrung when not in use.


  • Core made of fiberglass
  • Overlaid with wood laminate
  • Bowstring made from Dacron
  • Grip wrapped in leather


  • Height: 55 Inches


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