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Axes have traditionally been used for a wide variety of purposes, being both a weapon and a tool for farmers, woodsmen, hunters, and more. This War Axe, though, is less a tool and more a weapon of war, designed purely for use on the field of battle. This axe is partially decorated, possessing just enough flare to give the axe a distinctive appearance, without sacrificing any of its functionality. The axe head is traditionally shaped for war and socketed onto a hardwood haft, possessing a curved axe head for effective cutting and slashing, as well as a reversed poll-spike that can hook enemies and penetrate armor. The axe head also features a few decorative notches and flares, both above and below the blade, as well as three cross-shaped cut-outs just along the edge of the bit. The haft has a square shape and a rounded off base, which ensures that the axe is easy to grip, hold, and swing. The axe head is crafted from carbon steel and has an effective bit length, or edge, that measures approximately 6 inches long. The overall length of the axe is closer to 27 inches. This War Axe has just enough decoration to be a stunning display piece in your collection, while still possessing more than enough functional look and strength to make a great training weapon or costume piece.

Key Features:

  • Axe Head is Crafted from Carbon Steel
  • Mounted on a Hardwood Haft
  • A Classically Styled War Axe
  • Axe Blade Features Decorative Notches and Cut-Outs
  • An Excellent Costume Piece, Training Weapon, or Display Item


  • Overall Length: 27 Inches
  • Bit (Edge) Length: 6 Inches


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