Steel German Sallet

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When it comes to the sallet helmet, some of the best came out of Germany. There, the sallet became an almost universal helm, one that was worn by most warriors. This Steel German Sallet reflects the style of one such historic piece of armor. Handsome and wholly protective, this helmet demonstrates the protective power of the sallet, which offers full head protection, while leaving the chin and mouth open, eliminating the need for greater ventilation (traditionally, a warrior looking to protect their lower face would have worn a bevor with their sallet). This helmet is made entirely from mild steel, and is offered in two different gauges, to suit the wearers need. Like a classic sallet, the helmet possesses a rotating visor with a thin, wide eye-slit, for better vision with the visor down, while the back possesses an articulated cascade of plating to offer superior defense to the back of the head and neck. The interior of the helmet features an inner liner, as well, for added comfort for the wearer. The 18 gauge version of this helmet is perfectly suited for costume use and LARPing, as well as light reenactment, while the 16 gauge version is heavier and more suited for SCA and traditional combat reenactment. Distinctive in its look, this Steel German Sallet helmet brings a touch of unique appeal to any armored warriors look, and more than that, it also confers an impressive level of protection onto its wearer, as well, and both of those are very good things, indeed.

Be sure to wear this helmet with an arming cap for enhanced comfort and safety. And remember to check out our helmet stands for the best way to both store and show off your helmet with pride!

Key Features:

  • A Sallet Helmet Design Out of Medieval Germany
  • Crafted Entirely from Mild Steel
  • Offered in Either 18 Gauge or 16 Gauge Steel
  • Features a Round Skull Cap with a Rotating Visor
  • Offers Great Protection to the Head and Neck
  • Ideal for Costuming, as well as For Combat, SCA Events, and Reenactment
  • Perfect for Medieval Knights and Warriors
  • Also a Great Display Piece and Collectible
Head CircumferenceOverall Height
One Size22-23 inches9.5 inches

1 review for Steel German Sallet

  1. Thomas LeRoy (verified owner)

    If I could give it four and a half stars I would. I almost love this helmet, it just has a few flaws of a “cheaply” made helmet. Don’t get me wrong I really really like this helmet and I am super happy with my purchase, but there are a few cuts on the face hole that are sloppy, the top tip of the visor is a little far from the helmet, the liner is strangely even so the helmet sits right on the center of your head and my nose touches the front because of this. All of this being said it is a good piece and I think with a little TLC I can make this helmet something I really love. You will too if you can find one.

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