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Do not believe that Vikings only favored the biggest, most powerful weapons. They were pragmatists and warriors foremost, and so used whatever worked the best. And that meant that sometimes, they used smaller weapons, like this Viking Warrior Dagger. This dagger features a broad blade and an overall hardy design, one that looks like it would have well-suited the Viking who would carry it. The blade is hand-made from fine steel, and unlike most daggers of the age, features a ricasso and a fuller down most of its length. The blade features straight, unsharpened edges, with a more finely tapered point to ensure that this dagger looks like the deadly thrusting implement it is modeled after. The dagger possesses a cast brass guard and a matching, almost tear-drop shaped guard, while the hilt is wrapped in leather and wire, to offer a secure grip. Included with the dagger is a leather sheath, for safe carrying and keeping. Looking both hardy and handsome, this Viking Warrior Dagger is a great weapon to have hanging from your belt, whether you are a Viking chieftain looking to show off your prestige, or a Viking warrior who always wants to be prepared, for any situation.

Key Features:

  • Recreates a Traditional Viking Age Dagger
  • Features a Hand Crafted Steel Blade
  • Blade Possesses Unsharpened Edges
  • Has a Solid Brass Guard and Tear Drop Shaped Pommel
  • Includes a Leather Sheath
  • A Fantastic Costume Dagger, Carrying Weapon and Display Piece


  • Overall Length: 16 Inches


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