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The axe is a powerful weapon and an equally powerful tool, and in Viking hands it became a legend. This Viking Axe has a handcrafted look and a brutal design, one that makes it a weapon to be feared by all those who might face it in battle. This impressive weapon features a blackened head that is forged from dual hardened 5160 high carbon steel. This ensures that the axe head is tough and durable as well as capable of taking and dealing out punishment. The blade features a distinctive, curved edge with a slight beard that ends in a point. The back is flattened and hammer-like. The axe head is mounted on a wood haft that is wrapped with leather ties, which both help secure the axe-head and provide a secure grip all along the hafts length. Its size is such that this axe serves perfectly as either a one-handed battle axe or a two-handed weapon. Either way, this Viking Axe features a lot of potential, both as a historic artifact to have hanging on your wall and as a weapon for you to wield at the training ground and on the field of battle.

Key Features:

  • A battle-ready and fully functional axe
  • A battle axe inspired by old Viking design
  • Head is attached to a wooden haft
  • Haft is wrapped with leather lacing for design and a secure hold
  • Designed for training, reenactment, and combat
  • Not suitable for wood cutting or other chores


  • Head is hand forged from dual hardened 5160 high carbon steel
  • Haft is made of wood with leather ties


  • Total Length: 30 Inches
  • Axe Head Width: 7.5 Inches
  • Axe Head Height: 7 Inches
  • Overall Weight: 4 lbs. 2 oz.

1 review for Viking Axe

  1. cmanske0022 (verified owner)

    Very nice overall and appears well made.
    My only annoyance is the axe head itself. One would assume that ‘battle ready,’ as stated in the description, would mean a somewhat sharp edge. Just eyeballing it, it appears to be 3/16 wide which means a lot of work on my part making it functional. In addition to that, and as seen in the picture, the steel is blackened, maybe parkerized. Either it left blotch marks across the head or it’s very noticeable imperfections in the forging process. I’ll find out at any rate when I strip it and if so, my rating would be be a 3 star.
    Some people might not find this of concern, but I’m particular about my weapons in general.

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