Swordsman Shirt



Narrow, fitted cuffs were ideal for those who wielded the sword in battle, leaving the fighters hand free from hindrance. Thus, the Swordsman Shirt makes use of an Elizabethan-inspired design to create its practical structure. At the height of its popularity, from 1500-1600, gentlemen frequently wore this shirt outside the pants, highlighted with a colorful sash. Take inspiration from history, or cinch its waist with a sword belt to recreate the look shown here.

Key Features:

  • Top quality garment has a very authentic look
  • Loose torso fit is pleated at chest placket
  • Long sleeves end in close-fitting, laced cuffs
  • Collared neck has lace closure
  • Great for medieval and Renaissance fairs
  • Versatile piece goes with many different looks


  • Made of a medium weight cotton


  • Medium: Chest – 40-42 Inches, Length – 36.8 Inches, Sleeve Length – 32 Inches
  • Large: Chest – 44-46 Inches, Length – 35.8 Inches, Sleeve Length – 31.5 Inches
  • X-Large: Chest – 46-48 Inches, Length – 35.5 Inches, Sleeve Length – 31.3 Inches
  • XX-Large: Chest – 50-52 Inches, Length – 34.5 Inches, Sleeve Length – 30.5 Inches


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