Sword of the Month Subscription – Level 2

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$150.00 / month

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At Level 2, the Sword of the Month Subscription grants you a new sword monthly! You will receive a sword at equal or greater value than what you pay. The mystery sword changes each month. As such, this subscription box is great for expanding your sword collection or trying out a new style. The monthly sword subscription is perfect for all kinds of sword enthusiasts, as the sword of the month will vary in detail and style from one month to the next. If you are not sure what kind of sword to get or add to your armoury, then this is the perfect monthly subscription box for you. You are sent a new sword monthly from the date on which you signed up for the subscription. The Sword of the Month Subscription at Level 2 also makes a great gift for the sword lover in your life.

Please note that items shown are an example of Sword of the Month Subscription items.

Sword of the Month Subscription boxes cannot be returned or exchanged. Discount codes cannot be used on subscription boxes.

Key Features:

  • A new sword every month
  • Equal or greater value than what you pay
  • Great for collecting, gifting, and more
  • Cancel anytime

2 reviews for Sword of the Month Subscription – Level 2

  1. Sean McCallister (verified owner)

    I’ve had this subscription for three months now. I was iffy on it at first, especially when I found the first sword I received for about $130 on another site. I was rather disappointed, actually. I almost cancelled then and there, but I let it go for another month. Same story, I would drop it and never look back. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had gotten a much better value the second time around, and the third is good too, but I won’t say what it is. I will, however, say that I’ve decided it’s totally worth it. I’m glad I didn’t drop it after the first one.

  2. Taylor Cherry (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS SUBSCRIPTION. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this subscription, but I have been very pleased with the first two monthly swords I’ve received. They both appear to be very high quality, as well as functional. My only recommendation is to include the name of the sword product when shipping. There is currently no indication of what sword you have received. I have to compare it to pictures online to figure out which sword I have received.

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