Skull Grinder Viking Axe

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When you are looking for a fearsome-looking polearm to put on display, make sure to check out the Skull Grinder Viking Axe. Made from stainless steel, this decorative Viking axe has a contoured ashwood haft with a burnt finish. The gentle curves make a more comfortable grip.

At the top, the axe has a single-edged axe head. This axe head features a bearded blade, which extends further on the bottom than on the top. There are contours on the top and bottom. Etched into the blade is a stylized skull. Dots surround the skull.

On the other side of the axe head, there is a curved point. Finally, this Norse axe comes with a brown sheath. The leather sheath secures onto the blade and haft with snap straps. At the top, it has a loop for hanging the axe from a buckle belt or ring belt, sold separately. This Viking axe is perfect for putting on display or adding to a weaponry collection.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Features an etched design
  • Has a bearded, single-edged blade
  • Contoured haft for better grip
  • Comes with a belt sheath


  • Blade is stainless steel
  • Haft is ashwood
  • Sheath is leather


  • Overall Length: 18.5 Inches
  • Haft Length: 16.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 9.5 Inches
  • Blade Edge Length: 4.25 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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