Sanguessa Cabasset with Face Guard



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With its large eye holes, the Sanguessa Cabasset with Face Guard is a helmet that allows increased visibility. The cap of the helmet features the distinct rounded shape from which it takes its name, reminiscent of the top of a pear. A riveted border encircles the bottom edge of the unadorned cap. Attached at the bottom of the cap is the face guard, which covers the nose and mouth areas. Small holes here allow for ventilation. Made of 16 gauge steel, the handcrafted construction process of this piece may result in slight variations in the thickness of the steel.

Key Features:

  • Features historical helmet design with attached face guard
  • Large eyeholes allow visibility
  • Small holes in face guard provide ventilation
  • Made of 16 gauge carbon steel
  • Handcrafted nature may result in slight variations in steel thickness
  • Leather chin strap included

Sizing :

  • Medium: 23.6 to 24 Inch Circumference
  • Large: 24.8 to 25.2 Inch Circumference


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