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When it comes to building a fire in the old, historic way, a flint striker is a must-have, whether you are reenacting, camping, or anything else. This Round Flint Striker is fully functional and will serve well in all your fire-making endeavors. This flint striker is made from high carbon steel in a traditional, historic shape. The rounded design makes it easy to grip and strike with, ensuring ease of use. For traditional fire-making, this piece of fire steel is used with flint or chert (or any other piece of non-porous rock that can take a hard edge). The flint is struck against the fire steel, creating sparks, and the sparks are directed into tinder to start a small fire. This Round Flint Striker, and others like it, were among the most commonly used methods of starting a fire from the Iron Age to forward, and even today, bushmen and enthusiasts still use it successfully, making it a pivotal part of any reenactors pack, campers kit, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Fire Steel Found Throughout History
  • Created Entirely From High Carbon Steel
  • Used with Flint or Chert to Create Sparks
  • A Fully Functional Fire Striker
  • A Must-Have, along with Flint, for Any Outdoorsmen or Campers Kit
  • Also a Great Gift Idea or Collectible

1 review for Round Flint Striker

  1. Sonia R.

    Purchased 5 of these to assemble 5 kits for friends and family. The strikers are larger than the one I have now. I like their size as they are easier to use for large hands. They threw very nice sparks.

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