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If you are camping in the medieval way, how do you cook your food? Carefully, over the fire. This Medieval Camping Tripod Stand works wonders for aiding in that task, giving a helpful holder that will suspend pots, kettles, and more over the flames. This cast-iron tripod is designed for outdoor use, and it serves well as a camping utility for both modern enthusiasts and reenactors, both. The tripod has three legs, each tipped with a three-pronged foot. The legs are square with spiral twists along their length, for that added touch of appealing detail. At their apex, they cross inward and meet horizontally, meeting up as a central hinge fitted with a hanging hook. This allows the tripod to fold up for easy carrying and storage, while the hook is perfect for hanging kettles, pots, and more over the fire to make cooking over an open flame that much easier. (Please note that the tripod is pictured above with the Medieval Cooking Pot, item AH-4386, which is not included). Add this Medieval Camping Tripod Stand to your camping kit, and you will be all set to cook, making it a must-have for those who plan on experiencing a 100 percent authentic medieval outdoor experience.

Key Features:

  • A Cast-Iron Camping Tripod
  • Designed to be Positioned Over, or by, a Camp Fire
  • Hinged Top Allows the Stand to Close
  • A Mounted Hook at the Center Allows for Easy Hanging
  • An Ideal Medieval or Modern Camping Accessory
  • Great for Cooking Over an Open Flame


  • Height: 39.4 Inches


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