Roman Legionary Aquila


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The eagle, also known as an aquila, was an extremely important symbol in Ancient Rome as it was the standard for the Legion. Carried by a distinguished warrior, each legion would have owned a standard like the Roman Legionary Aquila. This iconic symbol was fiercely protected by the Roman military, and to lose a standard meant dire consequences. This solid brass eagle stands majestically atop a brass sphere, its wings spread as if midflight. Twisted gold bars extend from either side of the sphere, giving you a place to hold the standard when it is off of its pole. Every feather of this Roman Legionary Aquila is intricately carved, making it a stunning and very special piece for your Roman warrior reenactments.

Key Features:

  • Represents the aquila, an iconic legionary symbol
  • Depicts an eagle with wings spread, standing on a gold ball
  • Intricately carved eagle feathers depict stunning detail
  • A must have for historically accurate legionary reenactments


  • Made from brass and wood


  • Overall Length: 84.6 Inches
  • Wing Width: 16.75 Inches
  • Weight: 18 Pounds 8.6 Ounces


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