Roman Horn Cornu


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Communication during battle could be difficult, if not out-right impossible with the noise and the chaos. The Romans devised a way to do so, though, utilizing this Horn Cornu to encode a generals orders into signals and broadcast them over the field. This impressive instrument consists of an exceedingly long horn (historical pieces typically measure approximately 9 feet long!) that is curved into a rough, G shape, which allows the cornican, or horn-blower, to carry most of the instruments weight on his shoulder. The horn also features a cross-bar that keeps the instrument rigid, here represented as a hardwood grip that stretches across the horns gap. This cross-bar also gives the cornican a good place to hold the instrument, supporting its weight even further. The Horn Cornu is an impressive example of Roman ingenuity at its finest, offering a quick and easy solution to communicating even over the noisy din of battle with loud, clear, and concise sounds, all stemming from this incredible instrument.

Key Features:

  • An Ancient Brass War-Trumpet
  • Was Often Used To Signal the Roman Army
  • Features a Cross-Bar to Support the Instruments Weight
  • Hardwood Cross-Bar Provides a Comfortable, Secure Grip
  • Looks Great with Roman Soldier Costumes and Ensembles
  • A Fantastic Decorative Piece or Display Item


  • Height: 40.75 Inches
  • Width: 38 Inches
  • Weight: 5 Pounds and 3.4 Ounces


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