Pentagram Leather Under-Bust Corset



The Pentagram Leather Under-Bust Corset is made from very nice medium weight leather and riveted together in a way that it takes on the natural shape of a waist. This corset will wrap around your waist like it was meant to be! The corset features a cut out pentagram backed with suede. The corset can be worn with any of our leather bras or over a dress or a skirt and chemise. This corset measures 10 inches in overall length.

When selecting the color, the first color listed is for the corset. The second color listed is for the suede inset.

Key Features:

  • Made from medium weight leather
  • Laces in the back for an adjustable fit
  • Straps are very soft and comfortable
  • Cut out Pentagram design


The corset comes in a 28 Inch and 30 Inch waist size. When ordering, allow up to a 4 Inch size difference. For instance, if you are between 28 and 32 Inches for your waist, go with the 28. If you are between a 30 to 34, go with the 30. To get the correct size for corsets, you normally take your natural waist and subtract 4 Inches. Since this corset has limited sizing options, follow our previous suggestion. It also depends what you expect out of the corset, are you just wanting a comfortable fit, or do you want it for taking Inches off your waist? If you want a comfortable fit, order the size closest to your natural waist and then lace the back up comfortably. If you want to take in as many Inches as possible, then order the smallest size (within 4 Inches of your natural waist) and lace the back as tight as you can.


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