Padded Arming Cap with Collar


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Padding is a very important part of your armored medieval attire. Not only does this Padded Arming Cap With Collar make your helmet more comfortable to wear, but it also ensures that when and if you do get it, the impact is greatly dampened, too! Similar in design to a gorget, this padded cap and collar combination is made entirely from re-cycled woolen padding, which makes it fairly soft and fairly tough. This means that the padding will be comfortable to wear and protective both, to keep your head and collar safe from any impacts or chaffing that might occur during a reenactment. The collar also features leather straps attached to it, including one in the front with a buckle for securing the collar closed and keeping the hood secure. The two attached to the shoulder lack buckles, being designed to support other pieces of armor, like arm padding or shoulder pauldrons. Worn under your helm and your armor, this Padded Arming Cap with Collar is an immediate favorite among reenactors, thanks to the authentic touch of appeal, the protection, and the comfort it brings to any armored attire.

Key Features:

  • Great for Improving the Fit of a Helmet or Gorget
  • Makes Wearing Helmet and Armor Much More Comfortable
  • Provides Cushioning From Blows in Reenactments
  • Offers Leather Fasteners For Other Pieces of Armor


  • Made Entirely from Cotton

Hood HeightHood DepthFront LengthFront to BackSide to SideInterior Circumference
One Size11.25 inches6.75 inches17 inches8 inches7 inches24 inches


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