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If you wish to be prepared for battle or to comfortably wear a helmet, make sure that you wear some arming wear like this Padded Arming Cap. Made from cotton canvas, this black padded cap covers the top and back of the head. It secures to the head with matching cords underneath the chin.

Quilting on the cap runs from the bottom and back towards the front. This padding adds comfort when wearing a helmet. It also is ideal for adding warmth to the head in cooler weather. Whether getting dressed for a LARP event, reenactment, Ren faire, or another costumed occasion, you cannot go wrong adding a medieval arming cap like the Padded Arming Cap to your outfit.

Key Features:

  • Secures with ties
  • Has linear quilting
  • Great for wearing under a helmet or coif, not included
  • Ideal for reenactments, faires, and more


  • Made from cotton canvas
Cap HeightCap DepthCircumference
One Size9 inches9 inches17.5 inches

8 reviews for Padded Arming Cap

  1. Luke M.

    For a 23 inch circumference head it is tight. Maybe needs to be broken in so it wont cause a headache or offer sizes. But the quality is great, would have to buy an over sized helmet or a mail coif to ever use it.

  2. Terry P.

    Great quality and it meets all of my expectations.

  3. Daniel H.

    Very well crafted item, perfect for keeping a helmet from flopping around. I was impressed with the thickness of padding it provides. Dan H.

  4. Abdiel Bolaños (verified owner)

    When i bought the cap i was worried it would be quite small, as my head is around 20 inches, but it surprisingly covered my head properly and was thicker than what i thought, This is a thick cap!

    Unfortunately my helmet is a bit too small and the facemask hits my chin and is unable to close but that is not a fault of the padded cap, its mostly a thing of compatibility and not all armors are compatible, non the less the cap on its own is great and i really like it!

  5. Bradley Weaver (verified owner)

    Very good quality, and a necessity for wearing an armored helm. Looks nice enough for cosplay/role play as well. It is not, however, universally compatible with helmets or coifs due to the variety of sizes available.

  6. Cameron Cooney (verified owner)

    So gets five stars due to quality. But it’s really meant for a large helm, meant for actually protecting a head. I have 7 helmets and a coif and it was to thick for any of them. However if a person has the right helmet this is essential. Also good for keeping a head warm.

  7. risingbun (verified owner)

    Seems pretty high quality but it is incredibly thick with padding. Much too thick to put a helm over, but I have a pretty large head. I’d recommend it for smaller heads.

  8. Ethan Walthorn (verified owner)

    This thing is incredibly padded, which is somewhat of a detriment to my helmet that already has padding in it. I can’t use this with the helmet or it causes headaches due to how tight it is. I imagine this would be great for helmets without padding, but it is just too thick to use with others.

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