Black Padded Arming Hood with Collar


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When it comes to wearing armor, the padding you wear underneath is just as important as the steel, leather, and mail you have over it. Not only will this Black Padded Arming Hood and Collar help improve the fit, but it will also make your helmet more comfortable, too! More than that, it will also offer an extra layer of padding to help reduce the impact of any sword-blows or strikes that might hit you during a reenactment. This padded hood and collar combination is a single piece that is made entirely from re-cycled woolen padding. This material makes the collar both soft and tough, making it both comfortable and effective. It ties in the front, possessing a single laced closure to secure the slit-open front when the collar-hood combo is worn.

Please be aware that this padded arming hood with collar is black in color, NOT red. The image above will be updated once one is available.

Key Features:

  • Great for Improving the Fit of a Helmet or Gorget
  • Makes Wearing Helmet and Armor Much More Comfortable
  • Provides Cushioning From Blows in Reenactments
  • Possesses a Single Lace Tie in the Front for Closure


  • Made from cotton

Front LengthFront to BackSide to SideInterior Circumference
One Size18.5 inches9 inches8 inches25 inches


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