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Norman Battle Sword

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With its straight-forward and to the point design, it is not hard to see why warriors favored swords in the same style as this Norman Battle Sword. It is easy to use and effective, while having a big enough guard to offer adequate defense, too. This sword is hand crafted in EN45 carbon spring steel, while also featuring a straight-edged blade with a rounded point, securing this sword firmly in the realm of weapons that were made to cut, not thrust. A long fuller traces the length of the blade, helping to lessen its weight and improve its balance, without decreasing its strength, while the slightly concave guard (curled towards the blade) offers a bit more defense than the smaller pommels of earlier eras. The sword features a single unwelded tang, as well as a leather wrapped grip to offer a secure and comfortable hold. The hilt is capped with an older, Viking style pommel, to give the sword a more unique Norse-warrior flare. Included with the sword is a wooden, leather wrapped scabbard. Altogether classic in its form, this Norman Battle Sword is a solid choice for the warrior who needs a sword at their hip and wants something that is not too fancy, but not too plain, either.

This sword comes in two types. The regular version is tempered and hardened and features traditional shaping, making it a great choice for display or carrying to complete your look. The Light Combat version is tempered and hardened with thick edges and a rounded tip, making it suitable for light use in sparring and reenactment.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After a Norman Arming Sword
  • Features a Hand Crafted EN45 Carbon Spring Steel Blade
  • Offered in a Regular Non-Combative Version and a Light Combat Model
  • Has A Concave Guard and a Unique, Norse Pommel
  • Includes a Wooden, Leather Wrapped Scabbard
  • A Fantastic Costume Sword, Training Weapon, or Display Piece


  • Blade Length: 32 Inches
  • Overall Length: 39 Inches


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