Musketeer Baldric

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Perhaps your belt is already full or perhaps your look will not support a belt. Either way makes carrying a sword difficult. At least it would if you did not add this Musketeer Baldric to your attire to keep your sword safe and secure at your side! Crafted entirely from fine leather, this baldric evokes the look of the same sword baldrics that swordsmen would have favored in old France and Spain, especially for those who served the crown. It is highly adjustable and can be made to fit almost any height, while providing a good way of supporting your sword at your hip. It can be worn on either side. If you are completing your ideal musketeer look, this Leather Musketeer Baldric is a must. If you just want a good way to secure your sword while adorning your look, this is also a perfect piece to wear.

Key Features:

  • Reflects a swordsman style for Musketeer looks
  • A great way to hold your LARP sword or weapon
  • Highly adjustable – can fit most any height with ease
  • Can be worn on either side as well
  • Perfect for use in theatrics, themed events, and LARP battles


  • Made of chrome-tanned suede leather
  • Fittings are brass

Chest CircumferenceFrog LengthFrog WidthFrog Height
One Size56 inches9.05 inches2.75 inches10.23 inches

3 reviews for Musketeer Baldric

  1. Christopher D.

    The ties on the “frog” part of the baldric can be re-tied to adjust it, but the thicker your blade is the harder it is to get it in and out (I use it with a 2 hander that I made myself and it’s a bit thick). I love the look and feel of it, rests nicely over the pouches I wear on my left hip.

  2. Michael Rice (verified owner)

    Big people this will not fit you! It is nice, well built, and looks great, however, at 5’9”, with a 54” chest I had to add an extension to the belt. That said, the quality and appearance are great, it is nice to have a baldric that is not shiny leather. Now, if only they had a baldric of brocade fabric, for lovers of the Italian Renaissance period …

  3. tholmes988 (verified owner)

    Beautiful, extremely well-made, sturdy, solid quality baldric that can comfortably carry a real metal sword so I imagine it will easily work with any foam LARP sword/rapier. It makes a superb addition to any Musketeer and/or Pirate costume and I imagine it would work great with many others.

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