Miniature Wooden Excalibur Sword


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Excalibur is not just for adults, not any more. This Miniature Wooden Excalibur Sword takes the iconic shape of the legendary sword and shrinks it down, creating a child-sized sword or an adult-sized dagger for an enthusiast of any age to enjoy. This miniature sword serves perfectly well as a light training tool, one that recreates the shape of a dagger quite nicely. Its size also makes it a fine sword for children to enjoy, and being made from wood makes it rather safe for play, too. This sword has a rubberwood handle and a pine blade. It is solid enough to take light impacts, but was originally made for solo use or for touch sparring only, and so is not suited for the full impacts that might be experienced during full-contact, full-speed sparring. This Miniature Wooden Excalibur Sword makes a great complement to our Wooden Excalibur Sword (ZS-926788), as well as a light training tool to wield on your own, allowing you to master swordplay in safety.

Key Features:

  • A Light Training Sword Based on the Legendary Excalibur
  • Designed for Solo Training and Light Touch Sparring
  • Feature a Straight Blade with a Short Fuller
  • A Perfect Practice Weapon, Light Training Tool, or Fun Distraction


  • Made from rubberwood and pine


  • Overall Length: 17.5 Inches


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