Luthor Leather Double Belt

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Take your accessorizing skills to the next level when you add the Luthor Leather Double Belt to your favorite reenactment outfit. This wide leather belt features two additional leather belts threaded through its ornate belt loops. Handcrafted from high-quality leather, this wide, medieval style belt is versatile not only in how it can carry your other accessories, but in the styles it suits. The rustic elegance displayed by its belt loops and antique finish makes this leather belt a great accessory for both men and women dressing up as characters from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and various realms of fantasy. Pouches, frogs, tankards, and more can be attached to the smaller belts, or they can hang from the D-ring hooks riveted along the bottom edge of the base belt. Eye-catching and unique yet perfectly in tune to the medieval aesthetic, the Luthor Leather Double Belt ups the style factor of LARP and Renaissance outfits while adding unbeatable practicality to reenactment looks.

As this item is handmade from natural materials, its appearance may vary slightly from what is shown.

Key Features:

  • Layered belt offers incredible accessory-carrying options
  • Wide leather base belt features two thinner adjustable buckled belts
  • D-Rings along bottom are great for carrying bags and accessories
  • Versatile accessory is adjustable and suits both men and women
  • Fantastic addition to LARP and medieval reenactment outfits


  • Crafted from 3/4 oz. leather

Overall LengthBelt WidthWaist Size
Small/Medium48.5 inches5.5 inches34-46 inches
Large/X-Large55.75 inches5.5 inches42-54 inches

6 reviews for Luthor Leather Double Belt

  1. Pippa C.

    This belt is absolutely gorgeous and extremely well made. In fact it is perfect in every way except for one very important detail that buyers need to be aware of. It is also the reason I am giving it 3 Stars for satisfaction. When I put it on the belts would not go through the keepers after being buckled. I almost sent it back, but my husband has worked with leather a lot and was able to dampen the keepers and put plastic stretchers in and allowed them to dry completely before removing. He also worked each of the belts in his hands to soften them a bit. While they are still very stiff, and I still have to fight with them, they at least go through now and I believe they will soften with time and wear. For the price, I do not believe I should have had to go to this much trouble to make it usable, but it is a beautiful work of art and was worth it to me to keep it.

  2. Lauren Cowart (verified owner)

    Very good quality, and I love the look of it, but even the small size didn’t fasten as tight as I would have liked, so I have to wear it a bit loosely.

  3. gshaffer88 (verified owner)

    Awesome color (brown), metal, and design. Very pleased, easy to use, was able to insert the belt through the keepers just fine. There’s another review posted above about it not fitting through, but mine was fine thankfully. I get a lot of compliments about it and definitely recommend!

  4. Joshua Ellington (verified owner)

    What you see in the photo is exactly what you’ll get. I’ve used it for several months and I have broken it in. It’s holding up really well. This is a great kidney belt.

  5. skulhedman (verified owner)

    This belt is very well-made and beautiful. The design is great and offers a variety of ways to utilize it and provides a wonderful look for your costume – a rugged elegance (or is it an elegant ruggedness?) The brown version has a very rich color to it. The leather and metal are all lighter weight than I expected from such an item. Additionally the back of the leather is pretty rough. If you are going for that shirtless barbarian look, you’ll probably want a layer of something between your skin and the belt to avoid chaffing. I know that doesn’t sound very tough for a shirtless barbarian, but you will be going home to your warm bed and comfy pajamas after your costumed event, so no need for unnecessary irritation, right? I actually replaced the two belts with other heavier belts I already had and just used the broad backing belt as a way to hold the belts and attached gear all together in one piece without a lot of shifting around. I use the two original belts as regular pants belts. I also flipped the broad belt upside down in order to use the D-rings to attach leather suspenders to help with the load. Overall, I am really happy with this item, even though I was expecting a little more heft to it.

  6. Todd Doane (verified owner)

    It is exactly what I was looking for. If you curl the belts a little they will go through the keepers without any problem. It is a little larger than I expected, but I can get it tight enough. I was going for the Captain Flint look from Black Sails Season 4 and this looks great as the kidney belt.

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