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Experienced warriors know the value of good armour padding, which can mean the difference between comfort and chafing or pinching. The Leopold Padded Greaves will keep your lower legs in good shape while you trounce the enemy. The leg protection is stitched in a linear pattern that helps to keep the padding in place while you move. The padded greaves are fastened on the back side with a string that laces through metal eyelets. These padded legs are a critical piece of your gear when wearing steel greaves, so be sure to plan ahead before your next battle. The Leopold padding comes in black or brown color options.

Please note that colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.

Key Features:

  • Available in black or brown
  • Perfect for wearing with chainmail or plate armour
  • Fastens with laces
  • Excellent medieval arming wear


  • Made from cotton and polyester

Length Calf Width Ankle Width
One Size 16.5 inches 12 inches 11.25 inches

15 reviews for Leopold Padded Greaves

  1. Dan H.

    Amazing grieves. I bought these to add padding to my shins for my knight setup and just placed them over my boots and what more can i say they’re amazing.

  2. Mark M.

    These greaves work great! The padded lip on top of your foot keeps metal greaves from sliding down. Very comfortable. Laces could be better. Easy to replace. Looks great for Viking armor! Get pair of each color!…..Mark M.

  3. Brian M.

    Effective and menacing when combined with the rest of the Leopold set. I recommend tying each end of the drawstring in a simple knot upon delivery to allow it enough room to open and slide over your leg without having to redo the lacing each time (and to limit fraying). It is quite warm, so if you can wear light modern active wear or minimal classic clothing beneath it, do so. Covers the front and sides of my legs effectively, though the lacing is all that covers the back until approximately my ankles.

  4. greg g.

    Laces are a little short but skipping a loop or 2 fixes that problem. Snug and comfortable.

  5. trekkie9401 (verified owner)

    Well made greaves. The laces are a bit short and fray, but that is a very simple problem to fix. Worth the price.

  6. Sean McCallister (verified owner)

    Bought for a friend. They wouldn’t fit my legs, I’m a little too heavily built for them. He’s notably thinner, and they fit him great. Without these, his splinted greaves slid around and he often eschewed them just because it was so uncomfortable. Now he has reliable armour from the knees down.

  7. E.T. (verified owner)

    comfortable and well made.

  8. nils.olson (verified owner)

    Heavy padding to wear under greaves to give your shins some added cushioning. They are a little difficult to put on, you need to undo all the lacing to get them over your ankles turn them with the lacing facing you to tie them up, and then spin them 180 degrees to get them pointed in the right direction.

  9. jamiec01222 (verified owner)

    These are amazing! I can put these over my more modern boots and they cover them and look great. The included string was not long enough for me, however I think for the price that can easily be forgiven.

  10. Timothy S (verified owner)

    Metatarsal savers!!!!! The tops of my feet thank me for this. My greaves would slip and dig into the top of my feet after a day’s adventuring. But not anymore! These are great quality!

  11. risingbun (verified owner)

    I wish these were just a little bit taller, but they seem to do the trick. I recently got some plate greaves that had a lot more sharp points than I realized, and wearing these under them helped tremendously.

  12. Linda Martinez (verified owner)

    These padded greaves made wearing boots with the Blackened Adam greaves more comfortable.

  13. Lord_Capulet (verified owner)

    I highly recommend these for wearing under metal greaves for padding, they’re a joy to wear and prevent chafing as well.

  14. skulhedman (verified owner)

    Nice bulk and padding to add to your legs under armor greaves! I have multiple pieces from the Leopold arming wear series and think they are great. They are bulky but that can help with the look of your costume, and they soak up sweat. You can easily toss them in the washer and air dry them, which is nice.

  15. Matthew Novak (verified owner)

    Another great item from Mytholon! Extremely affordable while offering reliable padding under my dark drake greaves.

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