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Similar in styling to our SCA leather gorget, this mantle was designed to work with a helm constructed with extended cheek plates and with the possible inclusion of an aventail or mail coif, since there is no collar attached. Our leather mantle has 3/4 inch wide straps and buckles on each side to attach pauldrons to. Please order by neck circumference. They are available in black, brown, red, green, or blue.

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Top Quality Leather
  • Provides great protection for the shoulder and collar bone
  • Can be used in SCA or LARP


  • Made of 13/15 ounce leather


  • Please select your Neck Circumference.

1 review for Leather Mantle

  1. Dean C.

    At this low price this becomes an awesome value in armor. matched with a set of bracers and greaves over medieval clothing becomes an easy and inexpensive way to outfit as an armored warrior for cosplay or renne fair. Covers a sizeable area of the shoulders and chest, plus the straps are great for securing a baldric, or attaching pauldrons. Nicely priced, well made, highly recommended.

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