Gothic Funereal Hair Beads Set


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These gothic beads are essential regalia for the well-appointed mute and pagan mourner. The Gothic Funereal Hair Beads Set includes three pewter beads that can be worn by stringing them along sections of hair or in a beard. The Janus Skull bead looks both backwards to the past and forward into the future. The Roman god, Janus, determines beginnings and endings. The Coffin bead depicts a nailed-down casket bearing a medieval knights cross. This vessel will safely carry its passenger from this life to the next. The Alchemists Skull Bead offers the remains of a warrior, magi, and philosopher, acting as a talisman to help you get through the trials of life. Crafted from fine English pewter, these gothic hair beads display a lightly antiqued finish, making them the perfect final touch to your gothic look.

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Key Features:

  • Made from fine English pewter
  • Displays skull and coffin designs
  • Includes a set of three beads
  • Features a lightly antiqued finish
  • Great gothic hair accessory for guys and girls


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