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  • Blue Butterfly Hengeband

    Blue Butterfly Hengeband

    SKU: 090-EHB07
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  • Sale! Black Skully Hair Pin

    Black Skully Hair Pin

    SKU: AG-HG1B
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  • Black Raven Hair Clip

    Black Raven Hair Clip

    SKU: AG-HH10
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  • Darkling Bat Hair Slide

    Darkling Bat Hair Slide

    SKU: AG-HH1
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  • Gothic Funereal Hair Beads Set

    Gothic Funereal Hair Beads Set

    SKU: AG-ABR1
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For the woman whose gothic style must be all-encompassing, we offer not only a luxurious array of fabulous gothic jewelry, but also a tasteful selection of decadently dark and gothic hair accessories that are perfect for accentuating any womans gothic appearance. We feature several excellent options as far as gothic hair accessories are concerned. We have hair combs, hair clips, hair bands, hair sticks, and hair slides, and all of them feature gothic influence and styling. If you want bats in your hair, we can give you the gothic hair clips to put them there. Or if you would rather wear a dragons heart, there is a beautiful one on a gothic hair clip. Want ravens and feathers? That gothic hair band compliments any hair style. Or you can secure your hair with a beautiful black rose atop some stylish gothic hair sticks. This and much more you will find here, in our gothic hair accessories section. Now, not all gothic appearances require your hair to be, shall we say, tamed or even styled, but for those moments that do, you will find all your gothic hair accessories here.

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