Garen Mens Medieval Ranger Outfit

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Aaron Canvas Cloak

Classic outerwear for the Renaissance fair or another historical re-enactment event, the Aaron Canvas Cloak comes in a traditional cut suitable for many different period characters. The medieval cloak features a large hood.

Garen Suede Tunic

A fantastic addition to any period look, the Garen Suede Tunic works well for the Renaissance fair and historical re-enactments. The leather tunic comes in a long vest design with eyelets for attaching sleeves if desired.

Garen Short Sleeves

For extra style, add the Garen Short Sleeves to your historical reenactment looks. These sleeves, sold in sets of two, particularly match the Garen Vest (MY100145). They can be attached via the eyelets at the top of the sleeve.

Black Leather Lace - 45-50 Inches × 2

Leather lacing has near limitless use. This Black Leather Lace has a long length, over 45 inches, making it a very useful component to have on hand for medieval and fantasy LARP, reenactment, and other costuming activities.

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Patricius Suede Collar

Well suited for the look of a traveler, the Patricius Suede Collar adds an extra layer of protection and style to any outfit. Featuring a high neck, the padded mantle extends to the shoulders, great for wearing under armour.

Gadaric Canvas Tunic

Worn since the times of the Romans, the tunic remained a popular garment up through the late medieval period. The Gadaric Canvas Tunic features a traditional design that is perfect for wearing alone or with a gambeson and armor.

Kasimir Canvas Trousers

The Kasimir Canvas Trousers offer a well-cut piece of period clothing that perfectly suits a wide range of historical looks. The medieval pants can be paired with different shirts in order to go with peasant or nobleman attire.

Borg Bracers – optional

The Borg Bracers are an essential staple in any LARP or medieval reenactment wardrobe. Made of high-quality leather, these bracers are sturdy and versatile, as their classic design allows them to match almost any outfit.

Wool Hamond Leg Wraps – optional

To survive in the cold Scandinavian winter, a Viking cannot neglect to cover any part of their body, including the ankles. The Wool Hamond Leg Wraps are the perfect accessory to do just that, keeping heat contained all along the lower leg.

Louis Scroll Bag – optional

Keep missives and sacred text close with the Louis Scroll Bag. Whether duty leads to a battlefield or scholarly setting, this case is a handy accessory for those charged with the delivery of urgent messages and ancient documents.

Louis Sword Belt – optional

The beautifully crafted Louis Sword Belt is made out of high-quality natural leather, sewn by hand, and is secured with a wrought iron belt buckle. The end of the attached sheath is open, great for holding your favorite LARP sword.

Heinrich Ankle Boots – optional

Stroll through a renaissance faire or traipse through an enchanted LARP forest in the proper footwear. Modeled after medieval footwear found in museum and period artwork, these Heinrich Ankle Boots lend authenticity to your roleplay.


Take on woodland adventure in the Garen Mens Medieval Ranger Outfit. This medieval look features the Garen Suede Tunic with its short sleeve attachments, layered well over other medieval clothing and accessorized. Get all the clothing items in this bundle and add on the optional accessories that work for you. Best of all, save 5 percent when you purchase them as part of this bundle.

The Garen Suede Tunic is a long vest that reaches down to or past the knees on most wearers. Made of a fine suede material with a nice weight to it, it comes in black and brown. The Garen Short Sleeves also come in black or brown and have grommets along their shoulder edge to attach to an inner layer on the tunic. Long leather laces are included for attachment. Then, the Patricius Suede Collar made of matching suede sits over the shoulders. These together layer over the long sleeve Gadaric Canvas Tunic and Kasamir Canvas Trousers. Then, the Aaron Canvas Cloak adds mystery and flair to this mens medieval fantasy outfit. Both tunic and cloak are available in a great range of colors, so you can easily make this outfit suit your style.

Next, add on the optional armour and accessories. The Borg Bracers, made of leather, lace up over the forearms, and the Wool Hamond Leg Wraps cover the ankles. The Louis Sword Belt, which features crisscrossed straps of the same color down its length. It’s large enough for your favorite LARP sword. Then, at the side, the Louis Scroll Bag is great for keeping maps, messages, or other essentials. Finally, lace up the Heinrich Ankle Boots and you will be on your way to LARP adventure or a fine day at the Renaissance faire. In conclusion, the Garen Mens Medieval Ranger Outfit makes it easy to look stylish and put-together at your next medieval event.

Key Features:

  • Includes clothing with optional accessories
  • Easy way to get a well-matched look
  • Save 5 percent on complete outfit
  • Great for LARP, reenactments, and faires

Here is what you get:

  • Aaron Canvas Cloak #MY100149
  • Garen Suede Tunic #MY100109
  • Garen Short Sleeves #MY100393
  • 2 x Black Leather Lace #HW-700975
  • Patricius Suede Collar #MY100327
  • Gadaric Canvas Tunic #MY100108
  • Kasimir Canvas Trousers #MY100098

Optional Accessories:

  • Borg Bracers #MY100259
  • Wool Hamond Leg Wraps #MY100743
  • Louis Scroll Bag #MY100529
  • Louis Sword Belt #MY100313
  • Heinrich Ankle Boots #MY100515


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