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Keep all your vital potions safe, secure, and ready to go with the Friedhelm Potions Bag. Made of soft suede, this bag comes with five small glass bottles snugly held within its compartments and sealed shut with natural cork. Each potion bottle sits securely in its own pocket, and the entire bag is closed via two leather straps with buckles. The entire unite can be fixed to a belt with the two belt loops on its back, which ensures that your potion bottles are always ready and within your reach while kept secure and safe from getting loose or breaking during LARP events or medieval reenactment.

Please note that this is a natural product, so minor variations in color and texture may exist.

Key Features:

  • Includes five small potion bottles
  • Separate fitted compartment for each bottle
  • Secure closure with two buckle straps
  • Attached to a belt via two belt loops on the back
  • Available in Black or Brown


  • Crafted from soft cowhide suede
  • Glass bottles with natural cork stoppers
HeightWidthDepthBelt Loop SizeBottle Volume
One Size3.5 inches6.7 inches1 inch2 inches0.3 oz

5 reviews for Friedhelm Potion Bag

  1. snowstep231 (verified owner)

    This is quite a neat little bag. There may be some minor variations in coloring–I ordered the brown, and it was rather dark, almost a chocolate color. It still looks very nice, though, and there are bound to be some slight variations since it’s a natural product. Additionally, the potion vials fit inside their pouches well, and the corks fit snugly without being too difficult to remove.

  2. avoidedgames (verified owner)

    Bought this for my little sister, the alchemist of our LARP group and she loves it! The leather is beautiful, the vials are sturdy glass, great product all-around!

  3. alexiobarboza (verified owner)

    I hidden gem! The material and construction for the price is really nice! People thought it was a very expensive pouch, so they were shocked when I told them how much I spent for it.
    My only complaint, and it’s not really a complaint, but the brown color in the pictures shown are lighter on the website than they are in person. In person the brown is VERY dark, I almost thought they sent me the black version instead. The only way I was certain this was the brown was because the straps were clearly brown, while on the black one they are black. But even though it’s not the same as on the website, I still really like it. And maybe over use and exposure to the sun, they’ll turn a little lighter.
    I gave this a 4 out of 5 star review only because the color you see isn’t the color you exactly get.

  4. nils.olson (verified owner)

    Cool potion bag that matches the other Friedhelm pouches, all of which add nice style to your look

  5. Emily Krebs (verified owner)

    This bag is absolutely my favorite from the friedhelm line. I love putting different drink powders or liquid mixes into these vials, so anytime I have a cup of water I can use these to turn it into fruit punch or lemonade, all while staying in character and having alot of fun with it!! I would love an option to add extra vials for this pouch, so I can restock my pouch easier. Also, the other reviews for the friedhelm pouches are right about the brown option actually being darker than the product photos. It’s the base leather that is almost black, and the straps are more dark brown. I purchased other friedhelm pouches in brown that ended up being very dark, so at least they all match!

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