Enigo Mens Pirate Outfit

From: $175.00 $166.25

Enigo Canvas Frock Coat

Tilly Linen Shirt

Kasimir Canvas Trousers

Ulrich Belt

Dragone Pistol Holder

Castagir Cross Belt

Jackboots by Haddocks

Castagir Scabbard

Embark on swashbuckling adventure with the Enigo Mens Pirate Outfit. This historical pirate outfit is great for cosplay, reenactment, LARP, and more. Included are the coat, shirt, and pants. Accessories are optional. Best of all, you’ll save 5 percent when you purchase these items as part of the bundle!

The Enigo Canvas Frock Coat has a fine historical look with a slightly tapered shape that flares out after the waist. Bold buttons accent the front and the wide cuffs. Under this, wear the Tilly Linen Shirt, which has a large collar and sleeves for stylish flair. The linen fabric makes it a comfortable staple. The Kasimir Canvas Trousers match well with the rest of the outfit and will even work for a variety of other historical and fantasy outfits, making them staples for your wardrobe.

They tuck into the tall Haddock Jackboots, made of synthetic leather. These optional pirate boots have leather soles and adjustable straps at the ankle and calf. Wear them with the cuff folded over or unfolded high up the leg, depending on your style. Then, accessorize with optional items like the Ulrich Belt. Use it to secure the Dragone Pistol Holder. The Castagir Cross Belt with Castagir Sword Frog sling over the shoulder, perfect for carrying your own favorite rapier or LARP weapon. A hat is not included, but we offer a great assortment of pirate hats to choose from, not part of this bundle. Check them all out here.

Get ready to take on any high sea adventure when you wear the Enigo Mens Pirate Outfit to pirate-themed LARPs, Renaissance faires, and costume parties.

Key Features:

  • Includes clothing with optional accessories
  • Easy way to get a well-matched look
  • Save 5 percent on complete outfit
  • Great for pirate themed LARP, faires, and more

Here is what you get:

  • Enigo Canvas Frock Coat #MY100559
  • Tilly Linen Shirt #MY100471
  • Kasimir Canvas Trousers #MY100098

Optional Accessories:

  • Dragone Pistol Holder #MY100860
  • Ulrich Belt #MY100357
  • Haddock Jackboots #MY100256
  • Castagir Cross Belt #MY100857
  • Castagir Scabbard #MY101271


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