Elven High King Sword with Scabbard


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Fight for your kingdom with bravery and the Elven High King Sword with Scabbard in hand. Take on your enemies with this mighty sword. Made from high-carbon steel, this functional elven sword features a curved, single-edged blade.

It has a hand-and-a-half saber design, similar to 16th century Swiss swords. An elvish inscription runs along the spine of the blade. It translates to The Slightest Crack Will Permeate Light Even in the Darkest Corners of the Realm.

The sword continues with an asymmetrical crossguard. It is straight in the middle and toward the spine. On the edge side, the guard splits in two. One section curves inward towards the blade, while the other curves back towards the hilt. This design helps to protect the hand wielding the sword and allows for gripping closer to the blade. The hilt continues with a hexagonal grip. A knotwork pattern adorns the black hardwood grip. The hilt ends with a teardrop-shaped pommel.

Finally, this sword comes with a wooden scabbard. Black leather covers the scabbard. It has a steel chape as well as ridges running down its length. This fantasy sword is perfect for anyone wanting to fight as an elf on the battlefield.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Features a phrase in elven script
  • Single-edged, saber-style blade
  • Comes with a scabbard
  • Great for reenactments


  • Blade is high-carbon steel
  • Grip is wood
  • Scabbard is wood wrapped in leather

Care Instructions:

Overall LengthBlade LengthGrip LengthGuard LengthBlade WidthGuard DepthWeight
One Size46 inches34 inches8.5 inches6 inches2 inches0.9 inches3 pounds 13 ounces


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