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Here at Medieval Collectibles, we have a great selection of Elf Weapons, perfect for battle or adorning your space with elven style. Our array of weapons includes both functional and decorative pieces. There are licensed Lord of the Rings swords and the Hobbit weapons. These pieces of elven weaponry allow you to become Arwen, Thranduil, or another fantasy character from Tolkien’s works. Check out our Middle-earth weaponry and LOTR licensed merch. You can turn yourself into your favorite elven hero or elf heroine with our elvish weapons. Many of our elven weapons are ideal for cosplay use or for decorating your home or office space. In addition to our licensed LOTR weapons, we have other steel weapons that look right at home in the hand of an elven warrior or rangers. You can choose from a variety of pieces, including but not limited to swords, daggers, and spears. There are many pieces of steel elven weaponry to choose from. They come in various styles.

Many of our elven swords and elvish spears feature the sleek and slim style typical of fantasy elves. Others have a strong appearance ready to intimidate the enemy. These pieces are perfect for high elves, dark elves, woodland elves, and more. There are many functional elven weapons and decorative elfish weaponry for you to look at here at Medieval Collectibles. Make sure to stop by and shop our Elf Weapons category. Become the elven warrior of your dreams or transform your home into the space of any proud elvish soldier.

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