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Whether you are a pirate, Saracen, or another exotic and enchanting character, you may wish to wield a scimitar sword. These legendary weapons are associated with the enchanting desert sands, glittering oases, and the skyscraping minarets of Turkey, Persia, and Northern Africa and the deadly warriors of those lands. We are proud to offer a great selection of these gracefully swept swords that originated in the Middle East and have leapt right into the imagination of people around the world!

From functional to decorative, you are sure to find something that interests you here in our collection of scimitar sword blades. Our decorative scimitars look great hanging on a wall or displayed on a stand in any home or office. Meanwhile, our fierce functional weapons add a great touch to your decor. A crossed pair over your fireplace is perfect. Plus, they’ll look even better hanging by your hip at your next LARP or reenactment event as well!

Wielded similarly to a saber or a broadsword and with blades designed for smooth, drawing cuts, scimitars are historically linked to Middle-Eastern warriors such as the medieval Turks and Persians. Scimitars were one of the signature swords of both the infantry and the cavalry of the fearsome and powerful Ottoman Empire, which conquered not just most of the Middle-East but also portions of Northern Africa and Eastern Europe as well. Meant to be held in one hand, the scimitar left the other hand free for wielding a shield, another scimitar or sword, or anything else you could think of to aid in battle.

The scimitar is sometimes referred to as a “backsword” because of their single-edged design, as the triangular blade cross section gives a flat back edge opposite the cutting edge of the sword. The name “scimitar”, meanwhile, is thought to be a corruption of the Persian word shamshir, which roughly translates as “paw claw”, though it’s also synonymous with the word “sword” itself. With scimitar swords featuring a long, swept blade that surely resembled the claw of a deadly predator, this certainly makes sense as one possible origin of the name of the scimitar. But no matter what name you called it by, the results were always the same: anyone meeting enemies armed with scimitar swords would be in for the fight of their lives to be sure!

All of our scimitar sword replicas are all made from sturdy materials ranging from stainless steel to high carbon steel. Inspired by historical designs and demonstrating some of the most breathtaking aesthetics you’ll find anywhere, each and every single blade we offer is unique in its own way! If you are searching for the most gorgeous scimitar you can find, one that you’ll be proud to have at your side, you have come to the right place. We have an awesome selection, and each weapon and blade here has been painstakingly created to be as impressive as possible in its own right. Be sure to browse our collection for the perfect scimitar for you!

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