Edrahil Mens Medieval Mercenary Outfit

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Item # OUTFIT-M7

Edrahil Cape

Ideal for both nobility and the common folk, the Edrahil Cape is a comfortable cotton cloak for all activities! Wear it while pillaging, plundering, traveling, shopping, or whatever other task catches your medieval fancy!

Aramis Doublet

Bring your adventure loving character to life when you dress in the Aramis Doublet! With a rich, musketeer look about it, this medieval doublet is sure to come with incredible journeys and adventures, all while fashionably styled!

Medieval Landsknecht Pants

The Landsknecht were a colorful mercenary group that became a powerful military force during the late 15th and 16th centuries. This Medieval Landsknecht Pants reflects the overall style that typified this legendary group of warriors.

Medieval Undershirt

This item captures the spirit of such undergarments used during the Middle Ages, and it will enhance the authenticity of your characters look. Thus, no reenactor should be without this Medieval Undershirt!

Medieval Falconers Gloves – optional

Whether you are fond of birds or simply need a good pair of gloves to round out your historical outfit, the Medieval Falconers Gloves will do the trick. These forearm length gloves are made of leather with select suede detail.

Arthurian Leather Belt – optional

A knight of the Round Table deserves a sturdy leather belt that is capable of holding up to their rigorous daily training and battles. Strap on the Arthurian Leather Belt and experience the dependability that comes with quality!

Medieval Travelers Boots – optional

There is something about the atmosphere of a Ren Faire that makes people want to dress to the nines in medieval and fantasy garb. The Medieval Travelers Boots will give your outfit the perfect flair when you wish to dress the part.

Merchant Suede Bag – optional

It is hard to say when a leather pouch might come in handy, which is why it is a good choice to always have one! This Merchant Suede Bag is a handsome adornment, as well as a useful way to carry around any number of little items!


A wealthy noble requires some military work to be done secretly. You take the lords request while wearing the Edrahil Mens Medieval Mercenary Outfit. This awesome outfit includes many clothing pieces as well as some optional items. Even better, you will save 5 percent when you buy these items together in this bundle! First, the doublet, pants, and undershirt create many color combinations in multiple sizes. For example, the pants come in three color choices, while the undershirt comes in four. The Edrahil Cape only adds to the possibilities.

Also, the pants look like ones worn by the Landsknecht, a famous medieval group of mercenaries. This gives the ensemble an authentic look. To elevate your look further, check out the optional items. These leather or suede items add a great finishing touch to your outfit. Together, this bundle makes it easy to create a unique medieval look. This Edrahil Mens Medieval Mercenary Outfit looks perfect for many medieval activities, including faires and LARP events.

Key Features:

  • Includes clothing with optional items
  • Variety of color combos
  • Easy way to get a medieval look
  • Save 5 percent on complete outfit
  • Great for LARP events and faires

Here is what you get:

  • Edrahil Cape #MCI-3432
  • Aramis Doublet #MCI-3362
  • Medieval Landsknecht Pants #MCI-2363
  • Medieval Undershirt #MCI-3004

Optional Accessories:

  • Medieval Falconers Gloves #MCI-3292
  • Arthurian Leather Belt #MCI-2209
  • Medieval Travelers Boots #MCI-2186
  • Merchant Suede Bag #MCI-2242


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