Crusaders Red Cross Cloak


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The constant companion of a traveling knight is not only his sword, but also his cloak. Not only does it provide protection and anonymity, but in the case of this Crusaders Red Cross Cloak, it can also offer style and serve as a badge of office, too. This handsome cloak recreates the historic style of a travel cloak, which would have been favored by knights, warriors, and crusaders, especially those who might have some connection to one of the many famous knightly orders that bore a cross as its seal. This cloak is made entirely from fine cotton fabric, and it is emblazoned with a bright red cross pattern on the left side of the chest. The cloak is long to enough to reach the calves (average size on most wearers), while possessing a pointed hood and a laced-tie closure in the front. Light and comfortable, this Crusaders Red Cross Cloak is a great accent for any knight to wear, one that immediately identifies them as a warrior back from the crusades.

Historical Info:

The positioning of the cross on this cloak is not randomly chosen. In fact, it hails back to the old belief that your heart rests on the left side of your chest. Thus, the cross rests over your heart, drawing you closer to the symbol – among other sorts of symbolic connotations.

Key Features:

  • Made From Fine, Quality Cotton Fabric
  • A Full Length, Calf Length Cloak
  • Emblazoned with a Red Cross On the Left Side
  • Features a Lace-Tie Closure in the Front
  • Has a Full, Pointed Hood for Wearer Coverage
  • Looks Great with Medieval Ensembles, Noble Attires, Knightly Looks, and More
  • Perfect for Festivals, Fairs, LARPs, Events, and More

ChestOverall LengthHood HeightHood DepthShoulder Width
One Size80 inches52 inches17.5 inches21 inches25 inches


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