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Chieftain’s Viking Sword with Scabbard


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Modeled after the typical Viking sword, this blade is a weapon fit only for a powerful Viking leader or warlord. Classic and historical in its design, the Chieftains Viking Sword with Scabbard is a straight-forward blade that was designed for battle. This sword features a design that is typical of a classic Viking sword, featuring a large pommel to counterbalance the weight of a broad blade, as well as a narrow guard that is typically no longer than the width of the pommel. Where this blade differs is in its rich design. The pommel is a grand, multi-tiered block with impressive textural designs, which are echoed and matched on the simple crossbar guard. The grip is colored red and wrapped to ensure a comfortable hold. The blade is straight and broad, featuring a deep fuller that runs the length of the blade, starting just above the guard and ending just shy of the blades point. Both the pommel and the guard are made from polished brass metal. Included with the sword is a matched scabbard, which features brass decorations along the throat, as well as a small brass chape. The rest of the scabbard is red, to match the swords grip. Only Viking warlords and leaders would wield a blade this fine, ensuring that the Chieftains Viking Sword with Scabbard is an altogether impressive weapon that can be used to compliment a Viking outfit or displayed as an addition to an impressive weapons collection.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After a Traditional Viking Sword
  • Features Rich, Detailed Decorations
  • Blade Features a Long, Deep Fuller
  • Includes a Matching Scabbard with Brass Ornamentation
  • An Ideal Viking-Styled Weapon
  • An Absolutely Amazing Display Item or Collectors Piece


  • Crafted from Tempered High Carbon Steel
  • The Guard and Pommel are Made of Brass
  • Has a Wooded Grip Wrapped with Leather


  • Overall Length: 39.6 Inches
  • Blade Length: 32.8 Inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds 8.1 Ounces


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