Blackened Gustav Breastplate

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A fantastic armour piece to add to your next medieval or LARP look, the Blackened Gustav Breastplate is a plate armour piece featuring a versatile design along with a stylish blackened steel finish sure to suit a variety of looks. The armour is made up of three rigid 18 gauge blackened steel pieces, and two leather straps cross in the back to fasten the armour to the wearer, making this a highly adjustable addition to any set of light reenactment armour. Rivets in the center of the armour add just the right amount of detail to lend this piece its own distinct, visual interest.

Looking for the matching pieces to this armour? Create the complete look with our Blackened Gustav Armour Set (ARMOUR-S4), which includes the Blackened Gustav Breastplate along with the other pieces to this armour set.

Please be aware that this armour is handmade, and it can be thicker than listed here. As such, it is intended mainly for costuming, light reenactment, and LARP.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from three rigid pieces
  • Offers protection to the chest for LARP and light reenactment
  • Classic design matches a variety of looks
  • Fastened with two crossing leather back straps


  • Made of 18 gauge blackened steel

Care Instructions:

WidthOverall Length
One Size14 inches18 inches

1 review for Blackened Gustav Breastplate

  1. Jeremy Bailey (verified owner)

    It is beautiful when polished and you use oil on it. I used a bit of WD40 on it and fell in love with the armor.
    There is leather straps that are attached it and they used what feels like real leather which I enjoy a lot.
    The metal feels strong and safe for my protection.
    The black finish of the armor is really dark which is what I was going for and enjoy.

    It came covered in dirt mixed with oil and in the jams there was crud built up. I had to seriously clean it and in some spots it looked like little bits of rust which I did not like as it’s supposed to be new. I feel like they dropped the ball on storing the item and maintaining it. I understand the oil is supposed to protect it, but why the dirt?
    The inside is rough looking and not as beautiful as the outside, it’s not really a big deal but it is also very rough.

    I love the chest plate as It is my first piece of armor in my life besides a gambeson. As someone who loves fantasy and the medieval era, this is a real treat. I am sure you will enjoy it.

    I look forward to collecting the other pieces in the set.

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