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Accurate to the middle ages, the Basic Medieval Tabard can complete any costume you match it with. Bring your fantasy character to life at your next costume event while wearing this traditional form of work clothing. Designed to complement medieval garb, this garment is offered in a few colors options with accenting trim. Single color options are solid color with accenting trim. Double color options have the two colors split down the middle in addition to the accenting trim. Featuring open slits on the side and the front, the tails will not impede your movements. This versatile item has ties-strings at the sides of the hips, and will easily adjust to various waist sizes. A sleeveless design and a slotted neck hole make this item easy to put on and take off. Embrace the lifestyle of the middle ages with the realistic Basic Medieval Tabard.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by middle ages clothing
  • Main color is trimmed with accent
  • Has adjustable waist ties
  • Sleeveless with lower body flaps for ease of movement
  • Ideal for role-playing and LARPing


  • Made from medium cotton fabric
ChestWaistOverall LengthShoulder Width
Kids Small25.2 inches23.6 inches32 inches10 inches
Kids Medium27.6 inches24.8 inches36 inches11 inches
Small/Medium34.6-38.6 inches27.2-30.7 inches46 inches16 inches
Large/X-Large42.5-47.2 inches35-40.2 inches50 inches19 inches
XX-Large54.7 inches46.5 inches53.2 inches21 inches

12 reviews for Basic Medieval Tabard

  1. Mark L.

    Fantastic job gang!

  2. Ann G.

    Lovely piece. Beautifully crafted and well designed. As a female fighter I was not bothered by its shape. Some of the seams do fray over time if under armor, but easily reparable and overall sturdy construction.

  3. Frank E.

    I ordered this item without being sure if I would really like it, but as soon as I put it on I knew for sure it was a great addition to my costume wardrobe. It fits as expected and is made of sturdy but comfortable fabric of just the right thickness and durability that you would want to take to battle with you! The color and design make it great to pair with other costume items and wear on your next expadition. If you are looking for aperfect mideval tabard, dont hesitate to get this product at great value and an affordable price.

  4. Jake T.

    The tabard itself is great. The fabric is very tough and the whole thing can take a beating. It looks pretty good too. My only grip is I ordered the Blue and Off-White one and the one I received was technically blue but its so dark you’d think it was black unless you really looked at it. I thought it was a shipping order mistake but it was really just a design flaw.

  5. Mark M.

    Just received my Dark Red tabard today. The fit is perfect, and it looks outrageously good over my darkened chainmail! The tabard is very well sewn, and very soft to the touch. I was expecting more like coarse canvas. I can imagine that once it is ironed, it will look even better. With all-black underclothes, my darkened chainmail, and polished steel bracers, greaves, and Norman nasal helm, my wife says I look dead-sexy. Mission accomplished! Thanks Medieval Collectibles!……..Mark M.

  6. Andrea M.

    Works excellent will many different costume variations! Looks amazing and at a decent price
    Would definitely recommend!


    Good materials
    Easy to put on
    Looks great!
    Not too expensive


    Some seams we’re uneven and made the pattern non semetrical but not that noticable.
    Tie strings will likely eventually tear from repeated use

  7. Brady S.

    Great quality and fits very well! good material too. I was expecting it to be a rather thin cloth but that’s not the case. Definitely a good buy.

  8. Schuyler Cross (verified owner)

    Just received my Large Blue with off-with tabard and I am in love with it!! Made of decent materials, easy to put on and take off, makes me look even better in my knight armor, very comfortable and not restrictive in any way at all, and decently cheap for such decent quality. Overall, I love it and highly recommend that anyone looking to get a tabard gets this particular brand.

  9. Doyle Bays (verified owner)

    Got my Blue / Off-white tabard. Wish I could add pictures on here. The colors are almost an exact match for the blue / white chemise / over dress my wife has. We shall make quite the pair at the next fair.

  10. Danimal (verified owner)

    Great looking tabard! Unless your armor is pretty form-fitting, this piece may be too small to go over most plate armor, but definitely looks great over chainmail or without armor.

  11. Michelle Crowell (verified owner)

    This is a gorgeous piece! Very light and breathable and perfect for LARP and Ren Faires alike. The simple design allows you add embroidery if you so choose as well.

  12. Chad Dion (verified owner)

    Purchased this for some of my Fantasy shoots for Kids , I recently used it for my 10 year old son to test run it. Worked GREAT.. not only did he look good but he felt like a warrior. We had a blast and the quality looks like it will last a great many photoshoots.

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