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As you step off the longship and walk forth towards adventure, you trust you will be ready for whatever comes your way. The Ari Herringbone Pants are great for Viking costumes and other historical outfits. These Viking trousers have a herringbone weave throughout which lends detail and authenticity to their look.

These Nordic pants have a highly adjustable drawstring waist. Then, their loose fit along the thighs allows for great comfort and movement. This loose structure continues down past the knee, where the calf changes to a more fitted style.

Lacing down the sides of each calf secure the bottom of the Nordic trouser legs in place. This historical style allows for both comfort and movement. This is a result of the pants roomy fit made practical by the fitted calves.

Next, a pockets at the side of each hip adds to the functionality of these Viking reenactment pants. This makes them even more useful for faires and LARP events, as you will be able to keep small gear on you without much hassle.

These medieval pants can be worn with a shirt tucked in but are especially suited to a Norse style with a long Viking tunic on top cinched with a ring belt. Historical and versatile, they make a great addition to Viking reenactor wardrobes. They also work perfectly for Ren faire, LARP and cosplay use. With their textured herringbone weave, they add just the right amount of detail to all kinds of historical and fantasy looks.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable drawstring waist
  • Fitted calf style with laces
  • Hip pockets provide extra utility
  • Herringbone weave adds detail and texture
  • Great for Viking reenactment, LARP, and more


  • Made from cotton


  • X-Small/Small: Max Waist Circumference – 41.5 Inches, Hip Circumference – 48.5 Inches, Out Seam – 34.75 Inches, Inseam – 26.1 Inches, Thigh Circumference – 28.5 Inches, Calf Circumference – 13 Inches, Ankle Circumference – 11 Inches
  • Medium/Large: Max Waist Circumference 57 Inches; Hip Circumference 64 Inches; Out Seam 43 Inches; Inseam 32 Inches; Thigh Circumference 34 Inches; Calf Circumference 16 Inches; Ankle Circumference 12 Inches
  • X-Large/XX-Large: Max Waist Circumference – 68.5 Inches, Hip Circumference – 75 Inches, Out Seam – 46 Inches, Inseam – 34.75 Inches, Thigh Circumference – 37.8 Inches, Calf Circumference – 16.5 Inches, Ankle Circumference – 13.25 Inches


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