Admiral’s Tricorn Hat


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In the ancient world, hats could, in a small way, be used to ascertain an individuals social status and personal power – the more ornate the hat the higher the rank. Wearing the Admirals Tricorn Hat, you too will appear to have status and prestige. The Admirals Tricorn Hat is an authentically styled tricorn hat based on designs from the 18th century. This hat is one particularly styled after military designs, making it uniquely suited for any 18th century military look. Generals, admirals, and even government officials could do infinitely worse than to wear this hat. It is made from black ultra-suede and has a red and gold-laced ribbon trim. The interior of the hat has fabric lining and an elastic cotton sweatband. Both features have been added for wearer comfort. The Admirals Tricorn Hat compliments almost any 18th century look nicely, whether the look is either old world military or well-off cut-throat criminal.

Key Features:

  • Displays Ultra-Suede Finish
  • Decorated with Red and Gold Lace Trim
  • Features Elastic Sweatband
  • Has Fabric Lining


  • Made from 100 percent polyester


  • Head Circumference: 23.5 Inches


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