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Female pirates are a rarity. Typically, they dressed up as men and went virtually incognito, with the male crew being none the wiser to their presence. But for the female pirates who will not hide themselves, we offer the Lady’s Buccaneer Hat. This hat is ideally suited for the woman who, despite being a pirate, will not soon hide her gender from her fellow crewmates. The Lady’s Buccaneer Hat is typically worn by a woman who is tough enough to live like a pirate without catching any guff from her male crewmates, because they know she will thrash them soundly. This hat features all the elements that make a pirate hat great, while still possessing a touch of feminine appeal to make the hat appropriate for the lady swashbuckler on the open seas. The hat is made from ultra-suede and features black lace and satin ribbons as decoration. The interior of the hat is lined in fabric and features an elastic sweatband for wearer comfort. So if you are a lady-pirate who will not compromise who she is to live the life of a pirate, the Lady’s Buccaneer Hat is the perfect hat for you – feminine enough for a woman but pirate-y enough that none will think twice about your gender (or else you will likely hurt them).

Key Features:

  • Decorated with Lace and Satin Ribbons Fitted with an Elastic Sweatband
  • Has Comfortable Fabric Lining


  • Made from 100 percent polyester

Head Circumference
One Size23.5 inches


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