15th Century Italian Style Gauntlets

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Offering excellent protection for historical re-enactments, the 15th Century Italian Style Gauntlets have great flexibility with the articulated wrist and fingers. A leather glove provides additional protection and comfort. Round rivets mark the knuckles and base of the steel gloves. Fiore dei Liberi, an Italian master of the period, wrote that he used medieval gauntlets in all of his duels. These knightly gauntlets have been decorated with traditional Italian style from around 1480 to 1550. Several plates guard each finger, making this Italian armour a great choice for warriors. Secure it with attached leather straps around each finger, the palm, and the wrist.

Please note that steel thickness may vary slightly due to the handcrafted methods used in the manufacture of this item. The high-quality, attached leather glove is stitched to the tip of the fingers, so it is easily removed, replaced or repaired.

Key Features

  • Made from 18 gauge steel
  • Includes stitched leather glove
  • Multiple plates cover each finger
  • Offers excellent protection to hands
  • Great for LARP and re-enactment use


  • Standard: Fits up to Glove Size 9 or 9.25-10.2 Inches.
  • Thumb Lenght: 2.5 Inches
  • Index Finger Length: 2.75 Inches
  • Middle Finger Length: 3 Inches
  • Ring Finger Length: 2.75 Inches
  • Pinky Finger Length: 2 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

1 review for 15th Century Italian Style Gauntlets

  1. obscurumbap (verified owner)

    When you buy something as awesome-looking as this online, you have to wonder if it’s really as good looking as the picture makes it look. And it is. It absolutely is. It’s a bit more shiny than the picture makes it look, but that’s actually better for matching what I wanted. Alas, the other question is “will it fit”? And in that regard, it’s not quite ideal. I’m not sure if the fingers are too short, or the metal is put on in an odd spot, but both my brother and I (different hand sizes) have trouble making a full grip with it. Able to make it work by not putting the fingers in all the way. All in all, though, I’m happy with it. Hopefully I’ll get fitted armor at some point, but that gets pricey, and as far as looking good goes, this serves my purpose.

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