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These classic medieval boots have put a new spin on how they are secured and worn. The Laced Medieval Boots are a simple yet intriguing pair of boots that compliment a wide assortment of looks, ranging from warrior to noble and everywhere in-between. These boots are made from synthetic leather with a design that compliments dozens of different appearances.

The boots are laced along the sides and around the back, creating a classic look that is quite striking. In addition, there is a section of Velcro at the ankle of each boot. It makes lacing up the rest of the boot easier and more convenient.

The boots also feature a small heel. The Laced Medieval Boots are available in only in black and come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. The sizes runs true to standard mens sizing. If you are looking for some interesting new boots for light use and wearing with your medieval and renaissance looks, then consider the Laced Medieval Boots. They look fantastic with so many different ensembles that you will find yourself turning to them again and again.

Key Features:

  • Designed with light use in mind
  • Classic and stylish appearance
  • Boot lacing creates an eye-catching look
  • Boots close by lacing and Velcro
  • Great for a wide assortment of styles and ensembles
  • An excellent costume boot
  • Best worn on even terrain


  • Made from synthetic leather
Standard US Shoe sizes. Runs true to size – these are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.
Shaft HeightHeel HeightCalf CircumferenceAnkle Circumference
Small (Size 8-9)16 inches1.25 inches14.5 inches12 inches
Medium (Size 10-11)16 inches1.25 inches15 inches12.25 inches
Large (Size 12-13)16 inches1.25 inches15.5 inches12.5 inches
X-Large (Size 14)16 inches1.25 inches16 inches13 inches

15 reviews for Laced Medieval Boots

  1. Katrina A.

    I spent months waiting for these boots to be restocked through another site and had finally given up. I started searching online for something else but found these boots here for cheaper and in stock! So I bought these for my husbands renfair costume. He loves them and they got here very quickly. 🙂

  2. Ricky C.

    These boots fit and feel good. Lets see how well they hold when the ren faires come around

  3. Ray H.

    Very comfortable and nimble in use.

  4. Luke M.

    These boots are comfortable and add a great look to almost any medieval outfit.

  5. Jonathan B.

    These boots are SO comfortable. They look good too. When they arrived, one of the buttons had popped off, but it was easy to retie to the back of the leather. It does concern me that the buttons are so loosely secured. The synthetic leather does feel thin and flimsy, but it hasn’t come apart on me yet. If I wear them to a faire and they fall apart on me, I’ll write another review. Otherwise, I am happy with them.

  6. Lori A.

    I bought these for my son (24 years old). He LOVES them. The sizing was accurate. They were mostly comfortable but he will be buying inserts because after several hours of unpaved walking, his feet started to hurt. I’m delighted as well!

  7. Godric B.

    I bought them to go along with my Belegarth garb. They complement the look perfectly and feel great as well. Amazing, especially for the price.

  8. Daniel T.

    these boots are great. when I finally whore them to this year’s Ren fest they got dusty which I absolutely loved because it looked like I was in the crusades. LOL

  9. Joseph McClain (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for the size listed. Great design. Very comfortable.
    Could use some more robust connection at the base of each button, as I over tightened and created a small rip.

  10. Sean McCallister (verified owner)

    So far, so good. I don’t get the opportunity to wear these much, so I can’t say anything about long-term durability just yet, but they feel great and look great too. I’m still trying to figure out just how I want to tie them off because there’s a LOT of lace, but that’s just operator error. It’s also a non-issue if the laces are secured under padding and steel greaves.

  11. Chop (verified owner)

    The boots were beautiful, seemed very well made. However, they were very small in the calves and did not fit. Be mindful when ordering.

  12. Brian Carlson (verified owner)

    Amazingly comfortable, have only worn them a few hours but will be wearing them at the Ren Faire this weekend and can only imagine that they will feel awesome all day. Great quality, great price!

  13. Christopher Anastasi (verified owner)

    These boots are high quality and surprisingly comfortable.

  14. Jeremy Bailey (verified owner)

    They look a little funky in person but they are very comfortable to wear. They kind of poof out at the top but I believe I can adjust that.
    One thing to note is that I HATE boots and normally find them very uncomfortable to wear. These for the first time in my life was a pair
    of comfortable boots that I liked. I wear a 10 1/2 US size male shoe and the 10-11 size fit perfectly for my feet.

  15. akpdc06 (verified owner)

    They’re not terrible.
    The sizing is accurate and they look great, but there’s about two or three extra feet of lace and the buttons aren’t very secure. If you replace the buttons, they’re awesome.
    Might also wanna put some insoles in as there are not any in the shoes.

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