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Drawing upon a unique blend of aesthetics, steampunk weaponry often displays vintage Victorian designs with a mechanical bent. We carry an excellent selection of steampunk replica firearms that make superb costume accessories or theatrical props. Our Neo-Victorian replica guns include a range of sizes and styles, including flintlocks, revolvers, and other high-quality period pistols.

Depending on what kind of character you aim for, the weapons you choose for your getup might affect the overall look. The classic go-to for most roleplayers would be the flintlock pistol or the pirate pistol for added drama. A sword equipped on the waist is also a great addition for that vagabond gentleman. The steampunk revolver is also a popular choice if you aim to be a more rebellious kind of bunch – perfect for gamblers, mafia, and dames with something to hide.

These non-firing guns show incredible detail in their designs, often augmenting traditional gun features with anachronistic or futuristic elements like scopes, gauges, and gears. Many of the steampunk prop guns display engravings, rhinestones, colored finishes, and other fine details that make each one a unique item. Perfect for airship captains, steampunk gentlemen, Victorian ladies, steampunk explorers, and other popular cosplay picks, our selection of steampunk prop pistols contains a gun for any look.

Since it’s intricately designed, it’s a bonus for your steampunk weapons to have some sort of background story – a helpful tool when you want to make your character more mysterious. Our weapon choices are usually intricate, detailed, and interactive – a perfect opportunity to recreate amazing scenes for photography and roleplaying. The steampunk weapons we offer range from the classic guns to handy weapons like the dagger.

Oftentimes when cosplaying an original character, it looks way cooler when you wield both weapons – a sword and a pistol side by side for an intimidating look. If you’re bringing to life a space chevalier or a time traveler, it’s almost a given to be a dual-wielder for added character appeal. Since it’s made to be both classy and drab, it’s a given that you should also don a steampunk raygun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Steampunk Weapons Work?

As the name depicts, most weapons use steam to work – from metal geared arms to handguns that can blast through anything. In order to fully use a steampunk weapon, you need to use really hot water – to the point of boiling to create powerful steam. It was derived from the steam powered boats and trains, relying on heat and power for damage. It’s powered by the use of wood, oil, and coal.

However, there is a downside to this – if the steam is too powerful and the water is too hot, the canister or valve might explode. The other concern would be the bulkiness – it would need a heating element, a compartment for water, and the bullet chamber. Depending on the build, era, and materials, steampunk weapons are unique in their own way.

How to Make Steampunk Weapons?

To make your own steampunk prop weapons, you just need to be extra creative, but the standard would be gears, screws, and a lot of leather. Most cosplayers buy a prop in a party store and revamp it by painting it gold or bronze, then use a glue stick to create intricate patterns. For some edgier feel, weather it by scratching it purposely or use sandpaper for that beaten look. To add more character, add fancy stones and quotes too!

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