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  • Pilum Butt Cap

    Pilum Butt Cap

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  • Thin Roman Pilum

    Thin Roman Pilum

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  • Roman Square Pilum

    Roman Square Pilum

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  • Gladiator's Trident

    Gladiator’s Trident

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  • Roman Thin Pilum

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  • Gladiator's Retarius

    Gladiator’s Retarius

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The gladius sword was not the only weapon that was integral to Roman warfare. Roman soldiers also typically carried multiple copies of a historical polearm called a pilum into battle. The pilum functioned similar to a javelin, possessing a wooden shaft joined to an iron shank with a roughly pyramidal head. Roman pila could come in a variety of different shapes or sizes, ranging from the weighted pilum that was designed to hit hard and penetrate deep to lighter, smaller pila that were designed for ease of carrying and mobility. One unique feature of the classic pilum is that the shank was designed to bend upon impact, making the Roman javelin difficult to remove from the target and ensuring that the weapon was unusable by an enemy after a good throw. We offer pilum replicas in various weights and sizes, as well as a series of other Roman spears and gladiator tridents. Some of our Roman polearms are meant for training and use, while others are more decorative and designed for costume use and display.

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